5 Tips For Easily Memorising Songs On Guitar

5 Tips For Easily Memorising Songs On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Memorising Songs Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn the best ways to memorise songs on guitar.

Whether you think you have a good memory or not, it is the strategies you use that determine how easy it is to memorise songs on guitar.

In this lesson, you learn 5 tips for quickly and easily memorising songs, even if you have a bad memory. 


The key is to access the 3 types of memory available to you in the context of memorising songs.

Cognitive Memory:

This is your ability to recognise patterns and structures that exist within songs like chord progressions, repetition, and keys.

Auditory Memory:

As the name suggests, this is familiarising yourself with how the song sounds, to be able to easily recall it in your head.

Muscle Memory:

This is all about getting the song into your fingers via repetition

All 3 forms of memory work together to make sure the songs you learn stay in your fingers.

Watch the video below and discover 5 effective techniques for memorising the songs you’ve learned on guitar.


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