Free Acoustic Guitar Resources

On this page you will find many free acoustic guitar resources, covering a range of topics including fingerpicking, percussive techniques, chord approaches, and much more, all designed to help you improve greatly with your own acoustic guitar playing. 


Playing Chords And Melody Guitar Arrangements5 Easy Steps To Playing The Melody And Chords Of A Song At The Same Time On One Guitar

BRAND NEW! Picture yourself picking up your guitar and having the ability to perform complete arrangements of songs, playing both the chords and the melody at the same time!

Not only is this one of the more impressive things you can do on guitar, it’s also one of the more rewarding as you don’t need to be playing along with any recording, or other musicians to sound full and complete.

Many guitarists try to play this way, but fail, giving up, believing they just aren’t good enough. The key however, is in having a strategy to break down the process of playing multiple parts of a song at the same time. It really isn’t hard to do, you just need to keep things simple.

Check out this ebook/audio, and discover 5 key steps to playing the chords and melody of a song at the same time on one guitar


Open G Tuning For Guitar PicDiscover The Incredible Sounds Awaiting Your Ears With Open G Tuning For Guitar

Learn how to create amazing music using the open G tuning on your guitar. If you have at least basic playing skills you will be up and going in this tuning immediately, sounding like you’ve been using it for years.

Fact is, open tunings set your guitar up in a way to make it EASIER to play certain things, things that are next to impossible to do in standard tuning. This is not to say standard tuning is no good, of course it is, and is why it is the “standard” tuning amongst guitarist’s. However limiting yourself to one tuning is to limit your creativity and the potential sound you can get on this great instrument.

Discover the thousands of lush sounding chords, melodies, and riffs that are right at your fingertips by learning how to play you guitar in open g tuning


Jazz Arpeggio's For Soloing On GuitarHow To Create Aweosme, Melodic, Breathtaking Solos On Your Acoustic Guitar

Feeling like you’re in a rut with your solo guitar playing?

Sick of always playing the same old stuff when you improvise a solo?

Don’t know where to turn to next?

Every guitar player hits this point in their solo playing life, and it often requires you to look outside of your “comfort zone” regarding the styles and genres of music you play and listen to, to find some answers.

Check out these jazz guitar arpeggios for your playing and get ready for your soloing to take on a whole new, exciting, and creative direction!


Jazz-Chord-Book-CoverDrastically Increase The Chords You Can Play And Use Musically On Your Acoustic Guitar

A question for you:

How many chords do you know on your guitar? Now, how many of these chords can you actually use creatively in a musical context? The second of these questions is by far the more important one. The answer to the first question is actually irrelevant as who really cares how many chords you know on guitar if you can’t actually use any of them musically, right?

Check out 3 very creative ways you can use these jazz chord shapes for your acoustic guitar. Don’t like jazz, it doesn’t matter, you will be able to use these chords in any style of playing.


Harp Harmonic Chord Progressions Learn The Amazing, Breathtaking, Magical Sound Of Harp Harmonics For Your Acoustic Guitar

Get ready to be blown away with the amazing, mesmerising and breath taking sound of harp harmonics. This technique will be one of the most unique, creative, and impressive things you will ever do on your acoustic guitar! To get started I am going to show you 5 harp harmonic arpeggio patterns and approaches you can apply to the chord progressions you play on your guitar. You will be able to use these ideas again and again whatever style of music you play.

Get ready to amaze all who hear you play with these 5 harp harmonic arpeggio patterns for your acoustic guitar playing



5 Ways To Sound Great, Instantly, Using DADGAD Tuning On Your Acoustic Guitar

Did you know it is estimated that only about 1/6 of chords that are possible on a guitar are available to you in standard tuning? This means you are missing out on up to 5/6 of the chords and sounds possible for your acoustic guitar playing?

That’s a lot of sound and creativity left undiscovered! Don’t do what I did and avoid any kind of alternate tuning for your guitar playing.

Let me show you just how easy it is to start sounding great, right now, today, using the magical tuning of DADGAD for acoustic guitar with this ebook/audio.


Awesome Acoustic Rhythm Techniques That Will Transform The Way You Play Guitar

Learn some awesome and unique approaches to playing rhythm parts on your acoustic guitar. This is an often overlooked area for most people, however it is what we do the majority of our time when playing guitar.

To have the ability to make your chord progressions sound unique and amazing every time, check out these awesome acoustic rhythm guitar techniques for your playing.



Advanced-Fingerpicking-PatternsAdvanced Sounding, Easy To Play, Fingerpicking Patterns For Your Acoustic Guitar

We all love stuff that sounds cool and is easy to play on our guitar. Thankfully there are many things that fall into this category including these 3 great sounding fingerpicking patterns for your acoustic guitar playing. Not only will you learn these patterns, but I will also show you exactly how to apply them to your playing so you can use them over and over again, in many different ways, sounding awesome everytime!

Check out these advanced sounding fingerpicking patterns for your acoustic guitar playing.



Unplugged-Acoustic-VersionsLearn How To Create Awesome Acoustic Versions Of Songs On Your Guitar

There is an art to creating unplugged versions of songs on your acoustic guitar. It goes way beyond simply copying the electric guitar version onto your acoustic. Many things neeed to be considered when arranging your acoustic version and in this ebook you will be introduced to just some of the very cool and unique ways you can create your own killer unplugged acoustic version of any song




Acoustic-Rhythm-Guitar-CourseEssential Acoustic Rhythm Guitar 5 Day Mini Course 

Too often the focus is on soloing with guitar players. While this is important, the rhythm side of things is just as important to you as an acoustic guitarist. Learn how to effortlessly play your acoustic guitar rhythmically without sounding the same way, doing the same old boring stuff, all the time.

This 5 day mini course will introduce you to 5 key areas to massively reinvent the way you play rhythm on your acoustic guitar



Percussive-Acoustic-GuitarHow To Play Percussive Acoustic Guitar Video

One of the coolest and most impressive things you can do on your acoustic guitar is to play it percussively. This has become an increasing popular thing to do on the acoustic guitar over recent years, and with good reason; it sounds abcolutle killer!

Learn how to get this very cool and unique side of the acoustic guitar into your playing today with this free video and PDF on acoustic guitar percussive techniques



Acoustic-Fingerpicking-BluesLearn How To Play Killer Fingerpicking Blues On Your Acoustic Guitar

Nothing quite compares to the sound of someone fingerpicking blues on an acoustic guitar. How would you like to have the skill of picking up your acoustic guitar and fingerpicking endless variations of the blues wihtout needing anyone else to play along with you?

This is a great feeling to be able to do and in this ebook I am going to show you exactly how to go about creating your own cool fingerpicking blues song on the acoustic guitar



Acoustic-Banjo-RollHow To Play Fast, Fluent, Solo Lines Using Banjo Rolls On Your Acoustic Guitar

Banjo rolls create great licks on the acoustic guitar. Furthermore, banjo roll patterns can create killer solo lines on the acoustic guitar. WIth just a few simple variations of the banjo roll technique under your fingers, you can be running up and down the fretboard of your acoustic guitar, reeling off very cool, fast, fluent lines.

To play not only fast, but some of the most creative lines you'll ever do, check out this ebook on creating unique solo lines using banjo roll patterns on your acoustic guitar


Acoustic-Guitar-CapoCreative And Unique Ways To Use A Capo On Your Acoustic Guitar

Most acoustic guitar players fail to realise the full potential of the capo. This is an essential stylistic tool for an acoustic guitarist. There are many cool and unique ways you can use a capo to enhance your guitar playing.

Check out this ebook to learn 5 creative ways you can use a capo with your acoustic guitar playing


Learning-Songs-Acoustic-GuitarThe Very Best Ways To Learn Songs On Your Acoustic Guitar 

Learning a song from the very beginning and progressively making your way through until the end is NOT the way to go about things when getting tunes down on your acoustic guitar. Fact is, there are several proven methods and strategies that are far more effective in getting songs down, that will help you avoid the endless frustration that can often lead you to give up, believing it's all too hard.

If you are sick and tired of only playing bits and pieces of songs, then check out this ebook and learn how to go about learning songs on your acoustic guitar


Acoustic-Guitar-Chord-SoloUsing Chords To Create Awesome Sounding Solos On Your Acoustic Guitar

To only use chords for rhythm playing on your acoustic guitar is a waste, leading you to only realise half their potential. Chords are also a great tool for soloing and provide great contrast with the single note lines you play.

To learn all about using this apporach to enhance and expand your soloing capabilities on the acoustic guitar, check out this free ebook on creating solos using chords on your acoustic guitar



Acoustic-Instrumental-SongHow To Build Your Own Acoustic Instrumental Arrangement Of A Song 

One of the greatest things to be able to do as an acoustic guitar player is to sit back and play through a tune covering all the parts yourself, on the one guitar. Yes that's right, the bass, the harmony/chords, and melody parts all at the one time!

Take it form me, this is an extremeley satisfying thing to be able to do on the acoustic guitar, and people absolutely LOVE to hear arrangements of songs done in this way.

If you've ever seen awesome renditions of songs done in this way on youtube or similar but have thought it's way too hard for you to even try, then you need to check out this ebook/audio on creating your own acoustic instrumental versions of songs. I'll give you 3 very effective templates you can use again and again to create you own awesome sounding instrumental versions of songs on your acoustic guitar.