How To Play Chords And Melody At The Same Time On One Guitar

How To Play The Chords And Melody Of A Song On Your Guitar, At The Same Time, In Just 5 Easy Steps!


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How would you like to be shown a simple, no frills, easy to follow method for creating and playing your own mouthwatering chord/melody arrangements on guitar?

You know, the kind of music you hear where the guitarist is playing several parts of a song, on one guitar, at the same time. I don’t know of anyone who isn’t totally blown away when they hear a guitar played this way. Partly because of the resulting music one hears with chord/melody arrangements, as well as the degree of difficulty perceived to be needed to execute such great playing.

However, despite the level of playing you think you may need to do this, if you have basic guitar skills down, you too can play arrangements that have both the chords and melody happening simultaneously.

I bet you’re thinking right now, yeah sure, I’ve tried to play my guitar like this before and it was impossible, or maybe you didn’t even try at all for the same reason, it’s just too hard, I’m not even nearly good enough to play both the chords and melody to a song at the same time.

However with the right help, guidance and training, and if approached correctly in a logical and systemised fashion, you can absolutely play and create your own amazing chord/melody arrangements on guitar, without first needing to have studied and played for years and years.

By downloading this ebook/audio on How To Play The Chords And Melody Of A Tune At The Same Time, On One Guitar, In Just 5 Easy Steps, you will:

Discover the secret of creating awesome sounding chord/melody arrangements on your guitar. In fact, I’ll tell you now and show you in the ebook itself. The secret is SIMPLICITY! The resulting sound of your arrangements will be anything but though!

Learn to avoid the number one mistake almost everybody makes in the very beginning when trying to play and create their own arrangements using chords and melody on guitar. You’ll save yourself hours and hours of frustration

Discover how easy and quick it is to play both the chords and melody of a song at the same time on your guitar. This is NOT going to take you months, or even years to do, even if you only have basic guitar skills right now

• Have a totally new found sense of confidence in your ability to play and create chord/melody arrangements on your guitar. You’ll become unstoppable as you amass an impressive repertoire of songs where all that is needed is you, and your guitar!

• Become the envy of your friends and family, and anybody else who hears you play, as you effortlessly create beautiful arrangements of songs on your guitar

Learn how to create the right “conditions” for creating chord/melody arrangements. Many people start off on the wrong foot, without even knowing it. No wonder they come away with the false belief they just aren’t good enough to play guitar this way

• Be able to take the methods and strategies you learn in this ebook and apply them to any song you wish, in creating your own chord/melody arrangements

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