Acoustic Guitar Video Lessons

On this page you will find free acoustic guitar video lessons designed to take your playing to a whole new level! By watching these videos you will discover many cool and creative ways to play your acoustic guitar.

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Acoustic Guitar Chord Creativity Part 3 Screenshot

How To Create Unique, Amazing, And Incredible Sounding Chord Progressions On Your Guitar

BRAND NEW! In parts 1 and 2 of this video lesson series I had you apply a very specific strategy to make otherwise everyday “normal” sounding chords sound amazing on your guitar.

In the final part to this series we are going to expand once again upon this idea of creating amazing and beautiful music using chords on your guitar with whole chord progressions.

Learn how to transform an everyday average sounding chord progression on guitar into amazing, incredible, and unique sounding music!


Creative Guitar Chord Part 2 Video Pic

More Ways To Create Breathtaking Music Using Just One Chord Change On Guitar

NEW! In part 1 of this video lesson series I introduced you to a simple 4 step process for creating amazing music using just one chord on your guitar.

Today I will expand on this to include a second chord, and subsequently a chord change. If you thought what you could do with one guitar chord using these strategies was great, wait until you have two chords to use and apply the same ideas to!

Learn how to create beautiful music using a single chord change on guitar


Creative Guitar Chord Video Pic

How To Easily Create Unique, Sophisticated, And Amazing Music Using One Guitar Chord

NEW! Have you ever noticed when someone sits down at a piano to play, they don’t need anyone else to play along with them to sound full and complete?

Typically when a guitarist plays on their own, it may sound good, but often sounds incomplete because it is part of a song, not a song within itself. How would you like to be able to sound like a piano player when playing guitar? Better yet, how would you like to sound like this when playing just one single chord on your guitar?

In this video I will take you through my 4 step process of creating amazing music using just one chord on your guitar sounding full and complete as you do so.


Fingerpicking Guitar Arrangement Video Lesson Screenshot

How To Easily And Effortlessly Create Your Own Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements Of Your Favourite Songs

NEW! Fingerstyle is a great way to play your acoustic guitar. A great application of fingerstyle is to create your own arrangements of songs where you play all parts including the bass, harmony, and melody, on one guitar, at the same time. Sound complicated?

I’m sure if I was to play my guitar to you this way right now, you would agree it does. However, it is only the end result that sounds complicated. If you break this style of playing down to the individual components that make up the whole, it’s really quite simple, easy, and with some practice, effortless to do.

In this video lesson I will walk you though the process I use to create amazing sounding fingerstyle guitar arrangements


Harp Harmonics On Acoustic Guitar

How To Play Harp Harmonics On Guitar 

Harp harmonics are one of the most unique sounds you can get on a guitar. They truly sound magical, leaving your audience with their jaws dropped to the ground in amazement, not quite believing what they are hearing!

In this video I am going to take you by the hand and guide you through the technique of playing harp harmonics on your guitar, step by step. By the end you will be able to create the mesmerising sound of cascading harmonics running up and down chord shapes on your guitar.


Advanced Chords For Guitar

How To Easily Play Advanced Sounding Chords On Your Guitar

Don’t be that guitar player who can whizz up and down the fretboard displaying great soloing skills, but come crashing back down to earth when it’s time to play chords. This is very common and severely limits your guitar playing.

In this video, let me introduce you to some really cool, unique, advanced sounding chords that are in fact easy to play and use musically.



How To Create Total Unique And Refreshing Solo Lines Using Open Strings And Pentatonic Scale Patterns On Your Guitar

Pentatonic scales can sound great when you use them in your solo playing. However they can also sound predictable, and it’s not long before you start to get stale with them and begin looking for new ideas and inspiration for your solo playing.

In this video I am going to show you a totally unique way to spice up your guitar soloing. We aren’t going to avoid the pentatonic scales, but rather embrace them and make them sound totally new to our ears. It all comes down to one simple concept and you can learn all about it in this first of a three part video series all to do with soloing on your acoustic guitar


Acoustic Blues Open String Guitar Solo

How To Create Amazing Acoustic Blues Guitar Solos Using Open Strings

Learn how to create totally unique sounding acoustic blues solos on your guitar using open strings. Outside of their general use, open strings can bring a whole new, refreshing, and unpredictable sound to your guitar playing by simply combining them with fretted notes from otherwise predictable, commonly used scale patterns.

The technique is simple, but the results are mind blowing capturing the attention of anyone who hears you play.

In this video, the second of a three part series, I am going to show you how to develop this open string technique to create amazing acoustic blues guitar solos



Learn To Play Fast Solos Easily On Your Guitar With These Sequences And Riffs

In this, the third and final video of our Open String Guitar Playing series, I am going to show you a way of easily injecting some speed into your solo lines and riffs.

We will again be utilising the open strings, as we have been doing throughout this series, for a very cool and unique sound, only this time the focus will be more on playing fast. The ease at which you will be able to do this lies in the fact that both your picking and fretting hands will be playing consistent patterns.

In you are not interested in playing fast solo lines and riffs on your guitar, you will still find this video lesson very useful as they can also be played at slow, medium, and fast tempos.


Harp Harmonic Arpeggio Pic

Learn Some Guitar Wizardry With The Incredible Sound Of Harp Harmonic Arpeggios

The wizardry of harp harmonics knows no end. Once you get the basic technique under your fingers there is an incredible amount you can do with it, totally expanding your guitar creativity over and over again.

Harp harmonics are one of the most popular techniques I have covered on the website. This comes as no surprise to me as every time you play harp harmonics on guitar it grabs the attention of everybody instantly!

Wouldn’t you love to know a technique that will do that for you?

Well, then check out this follow up video lesson all about the extended harp harmonic arpeggio pattern. You won’t be disappointed you did!



Avoid these common mistakes when fingerpicking your guitar

Many people find fingerpicking a hard and challenging style of guitar to play. This is not the least due to the fact that most people start out on the wrong foot.


Because they choose to go with what feels easy to them when first attempting to fingerpick their guitar, as oppose to what is right and correct technique.

Learn how to develop great fingerpicking skills on guitar so you can easily play the music you love and a whole lot more!


Blues Fingerpicking For Your Acoustic Guitar

Fingerpicking and blues are a great combination for your acoustic guitar playing. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you can kick back and fingerpick your way through chorus after chorus of a blues, sounding full and complete all on your own without needing anyone else to play along with you.

In this video I am going to show you a very simple, but advanced sounding technique, that will have you sounding like a pro in no time as you fingerpick your way through a blues on your acoustic guitar



Learn The Fingerpicking Pattern Of All Fingerpicking Patterns For Guitar!

How would you like to gain the ability to play literally thousands of songs on your guitar with just one single fingerpicking pattern?

This pattern is easy to play, sounds great, and exists in most fingerpicking tunes you have ever heard, or ever will hear.

In this video I will take you through step by step, the very easy and quick process of getting this fingerpicking pattern for guitar into your playing so you can gain access to thousands of songs in doing so



Less Exercises, More Music. How To Really Fingerpick Your Guitar

NEW! Learning fingerpicking patterns is an important step to mastering this style of guitar playing. However, it is just that, a step, which implies there is more to do.

Many people stop at step 1, believing they are done, then wonder why they struggle to make there fingerpicking sound like real music. There is so much more to it than simply learning a bunch of fingerpicking patterns.

In this video I will lay out for you the steps needed to master what is perhaps the most common, useful, applicable fingerpicking pattern for guitar. The time you invest here will reward you over and over again, every time you pick up your guitar to fingerpick it!



How to play your acoustic guitar percussively and totally amaze all who hear you play

BRAND NEW! Learning some basic percussive guitar techniques, and then integrating these with the chords and progressions you play on your guitar, is not only an impressive thing to be able to do, but also relatively easy!

It drastically increases your creativity on the instrument, bringing a whole new dimension of sound to your guitar playing.

In this video I am going to walk you through a number of easy to play percussive guitar elements you can apply to your acoustic playing right away.

This will change the way you approach playing your acoustic guitar from this day onward!