How To Master Bar Chords On Guitar Step By Step

The Step By Step Method For Mastering Bar Chords On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Master Bar Chords Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn the very best ways to master bar chords on guitar.

The dreaded bar chord can be daunting for many students of this fine instrument, I’m sure you can relate :)

In this lesson, I sit down with Beginner Guitar Specialist Maurice Richard to discuss and demonstrate the best ways to practice bar chords.

It does not matter the size of your hands, it is the steps you take and the order in which you take them that counts when mastering bar chords.

Join us as we cover:

The EXACT steps required to play bar chords, and the order in which to do them (this is SO important to getting bar chords down)

The overuse of tension and how to fix this when playing bar chords (tension is the number one bar chord killer)

The chord push-up strategy, a great way to get all your fingers working together at the same time (works like magic!)

Watch the video below to learn how to finally master bar chords on guitar:


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