How To Play Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

How To Develop Awesome Acoustic Guitar Rhythm Techniques So You’ll Never Be Bored With Your Own Playing Ever Again!


Acoustic-Guitar-Rhythm-Techniques-3D-CoverDid you know that up to 90% of your time on the acoustic guitar is spent playing rhythm, yet a lot of us guitarists spend the majority of our time working on lead/solo techniques.

The importance of your acoustic guitar rhythm playing cannot be understated. 

Furthermore, you must have variety with your rhythm playing. For example, the way you play a chord progression on your guitar. It’s not so much the progression you play, but HOW you play it that really matters.

Want Proof? 

Have a listen to the following songs:

Let It Be - The Beatles

Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Someone Like You - Adele

Each of these songs contains within it the same common chord progression, that is in fact in thousands and thousands of songs, yet they all have their own unique sound.

In this ebook I am going to show you this progression and 5 very different ways you can play it on your acoustic guitar. A variety of cool rhythm techniques and approaches will be used so that you sound great every time you play rhythm parts on your acoustic guitar! 


In “Awesome Acoustic Rhythm Techniques That Will Transform The Way You Play Your Guitar Forever” you will learn:

  • A bunch of very cool and unique rhythm guitar techniques you can use over and over again in your acoustic playing so that you are never bored outside of playing solos on your guitar ever again. I’ll even give you a head start to applying the things you learn here, to your own playing
  • How to own the chord progressions you play by decorating them with awesome sounding rhythm techniques
  • Great songwriting skills to come up with your own creations on the acoustic guitar. If you study lots of songs you will see that they are all very similar, and in some cases identical, regarding chords used, yet can sound very different. Through studying this ebook you will learn exactly why this is and how to do this with your own guitar playing
  • How to stand out from the crowd as an acoustic guitar player. It’s all too common that guitar players excel as soloists and suck as rhythm guitarists. To be a great guitar player you must be a great rhythm player.
  • How to support a singer or soloist, so that they sound great, with your rhythm playing on the acoustic guitar. They’ll never want to play with anyone else but you!


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