How To Play Stretchy Chords On Guitar

How To Play Stretchy Chords On Guitar Even If You Have Small Hands

by Simon Candy


Stretchy Guitar Chords Article PicIn this video, you learn how to play stretchy chords on guitar.

Despite what you may think, your fingers are long enough to play guitar. I am yet to meet someone whose fingers are too short. The problem lies not in the length of your fingers but in other things such as the position of your fretting hand.

In this lesson, you learn 4 strategies for playing stretchy chords on the guitar, even if you have short fingers.

We look at:

• How to fan your fingers out, as opposed to just stretching them out, there is a big difference between the two

• The fret hand position and how to place your thumb on the back of the neck of the guitar so you can make big reaches across the fretboard

• A killer strategy that will get your pinky to finally agree and do what you want it to do, including those big stretchy chords

• The exact point of contact you want the string to have with each fingertip (hint, it is not at a 90 degree angle as many may think)

Plus a whole lot more!

Watch the video below to learn more:


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