5 Awesome Sounding, Fun Riffs For Acoustic Guitar

Learn 5 Of My All Time Favourite Acoustic Guitar Riffs

by Simon Candy


Acoustic Guitar Riffs Article PicIn this video, you learn 5 of my all time favourite acoustic guitar riffs.

These riffs are super fun to play!

I will break each riff down for you in detail so you know exactly how to play it. Then I’ll give you an example of the riff being applied in a musical context, so you can learn how to use the riff to create music.


Watch the video below to learn more:


Acoustic Riffs

Be sure to watch the video above for a demonstration and detailed breakdown of each riff below as well as how to apply these riffs to oyur onw playing.


• Riff 1: Whole Tone

The first riff is based off of the whole tone scale. A feature of this riff is the droning of open strings against fretted notes for a unique sound:


Acoustic Guitar Riff 1


• Riff 2: Blues

This riff also features droning open strings and is based on the Em pentatonic scale. This riff sounds great in a blues context:


Acoustic Guitar Riff 2


• Riff 3: Jazz

The third riff is Jazzy in nature as it descends the G Mixolydian scale applying several note enclosures:


Acoustic Guitar Riff 3


• Riff 4: Jerry Reed

This fourth riff is in the style of the great fingerpicking guitarist Jerry Reed, again utilising open strings:


Acoustic Guitar Riff 4


• Riff 5: Harmonic Minor

The final riff is based on the E harmonic minor scale for a very cool sound:


Acoustic Guitar Riff 5


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