How To Create Unique Solos On Acoustic Guitar Using Fingerpicking Riffs

Learn How To Create Amazing Acoustic Guitar Solos With These Unique, Refreshing, And Unpredictable Sounding Fingerpicking Riffs

Acoustic Solo Fingerpicking Riffs Ebook ImageAre you sick and tired of always sounding the same when you play and create solos on your acoustic guitar?

It’s very common to become stale with you own guitar soloing. I know I certainly have on several occasions over the years I have been playing.

Today I am going to show you a unique and refreshing way to create awesome, and often unpredictable sounding solos on your acoustic guitar.

It involves 3 key ingredients:

1. Fingerpicking
2. Pentatonic Scales
3. Open Strings

In this free downloadable ebook/audio, “Unique, Refreshing, And Unpredictable Sounding Fingerpicking Riffs For Your Acoustic Guitar Soloing”, you will:

Learn 20 awesome, killer sounding acoustic guitar fingerpicking riffs that sound different to anything you’ve ever played before

• Discover how to take the fingerpicking riffs I show you, and mix and connect them together to come up with even more awesome riffs. I’ll give you an inch so you can take a mile

Learn 2 totally unique sounding solos that show you exactly how to organise these fingerpicking riffs together, so you can create real music with them

Have a whole new refreshing sound you can bring to your guitar solos that works brilliantly on it’s own, and even better when you integrate/mix it in with the techniques and approaches you already use in your guitar soloing

Discover the one basic, simple, easy to apply technique that is at the basis of this whole soloing approach. You won’t believe what it is, or how easy it is!

Learn how to generate an almost endless amount of guitar soloing ideas with just one simple approach. You’ll never become bored with your own guitar soloing ever again!

Discover how open strings can be a complete game changer when it comes to your fingerpicking and acoustic guitar soloing skills

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