How To Fingerpick Guitar In 6/8 Time

How To Fingerpick Guitar In 6/8 Time

by Simon Candy


6/8 Fingerpicking Patterns Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn how to fingerpick patterns on guitar in 6/8 time. Fingerpicking in 6/8 time is very common and examples of this can be found in many songs.

In this lesson, I break 6/8 time down for you so you can understand it on a fundamental level. I then show you 3 basic approaches to fingerpicking in 6/8 time along with songs that use these patterns including.

I’ll also take you through exactly how to train 6/8 fingerpicking patterns so you can use them freely in your own playing.

Watch the video below to learn more:



6/8 Fingerpicking Patterns

Be sure to watch the video above for a detailed breakdown and demonstration of each fingerpicking pattern below as well as examples of songs that use the pattern or some variation of it.

Pattern 1

This first pattern uses straight 8th notes.

Make sure you can feel the pulse on beats 1 and 4 as you play it: (watch the video to hear how this sounds)


6/8 Fingerpicking Pattern 1


Progression 1

Here is a common progression with the 6/8 fingerpicking pattern applied:


6/8 Fingerpicking Progression 1


Song Examples

• The House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals

An example of this fingerpicking pattern in a song is “The House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals:


6/8 Fingerpicking Example 1


Pattern 2

This second fingerpicking pattern in 6/8 time plucks notes on the off beats of 5 and 6 for some variety:


6/8 Fingerpicking Pattern 2


Progression 2

Here is the same progression from example 1 with our 6/8 pattern applied:


6/8 Fingerpicking Progression 2


 Song Examples

• Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

An example of a song that does something similar to this pattern is “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica:


6/8 Fingerpicking Example 2-1

6/8 Fingerpicking Example 2-2


Pattern 3

The final pattern has some instances of notes being plucked together for further variety:


6/8 Fingerpicking Pattern 3


Progression 3

Here is this pattern applied to a waltz progression:


6/8 Fingerpicking Progression 3


Song Examples

• Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

An example of a song in 6/8 time that uses a similar pattern is Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen:


6/8 Fingerpicking Example 3


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