10 Easy MELODIC Fingerpicking Patterns You Can Learn In 10 Minutes Or Less

10 Easy MELODIC Fingerpicking Patterns You Can Learn In 10 Minutes Or Less


Do you struggle to make the fingerpicking patterns you learn on guitar sound like music?

Perhaps it’s because you believe in one or more of the following fingerpicking pattern myths:

  • You need to know a lot of patterns to have your fingerpicking sound musical
  • Only advanced fingerpicking patterns sound musical, easy patterns are too basic to sound any good
  • There is a magic pattern out there, that once found, will FINALLY have your fingerpicking sound the way you want

None of the above is true.

Believe me, I know.

I would learn a lot of patterns for fingerpicking guitar, but no matter how many I collected over time, I didn’t sound any better. It just sounded like I was reeling off a bunch of fingerpicking patterns and nothing like the music I was hoping to hear.

I eventually discovered that simple, easy-to-play fingerpicking patterns can sound great and very musical! However, having a few simple patterns under your fingers is not enough.

You see, fingerpicking patterns alone are not musical.

They are technical.

It’s what you DO with the patterns that will determine how musical they sound.

How would you like a MASSIVE upgrade to your fingerpicking with just a few simple patterns that sound great and are EASY to play?

Not only will you get these patterns down SUPER quick, but you’ll also be shown HOW to make them sound musical.

If this sounds good to you, and it should, then you need my “10 Easy MELODIC Fingerpicking Patterns You Can Learn In 10 Minutes Or Less” eBook plus video examples. I’ve created it for people just like you who want the patterns they fingerpick to finally sound like the music they want to hear.


In this eBook you learn:

  • How to make the most “boring” fingerpicking pattern INSTANTLY sound amazing (Pattern 1)
  • The simple trick to making advanced fingerpicking patterns easier to play. As humans, we are good at overcomplicating things. You will learn how to decode advanced fingerpicking patterns so they no longer seem out of reach (Pattern 9)
  • How to avoid the all too common “I know a lot of patterns but my fingerpicking still sucks” syndrome
  • The secret to making any fingerpicking pattern sound musical (hint, it’s got nothing to do with the technical difficulty of the pattern itself)
  • How to make simple fingerpicking patterns sound more advanced (Pattern 10)
  • The thumb and one finger trick that is so simple and will have your fingerpicking sounding pro in no time (Pattern 2)
  • How to bring the fun back into your fingerpicking. You won’t want to put your guitar down after learning these patterns
  • . . . and much more!



If you want to transform your fingerpicking with just a few simple, easy-to-play, melodic fingerpicking patterns then:

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