Learn 3 Beautiful Sounding Chord Progressions On Guitar

Learn 3 Simple, Easy To Play Chord Progressions That Sound Amazing!

by Simon Candy


Beautiful Chord Progressions Guitar 1In this video, you learn 3 beautiful chord progressions that are easy to play and sound amazing!

Playing standard chord progressions on guitar is perfectly fine, but there are plenty of ways to transform these into emotional and beautiful music. In fact, many of these variations are just as easy, if not easier, to play than the original versions.

In this lesson, you learn 3 beautiful chord progressions that use non standard, unique chord shapes including the add 9 chord, minor add 9 chord and the major 7 chord amongst others. The third progression shows you a neat little trick that will allow you to play all over the fretboard using the same chord shape for a very cool sound.

But first, you learn the shapes that will be used throughout each progression as a whole in isolation.

Then you learn 3 beautiful sounding progressions made up of these chord shapes. I will break down each progression in detail so you can follow exactly what I am doing, and also understand what is going on so you can create your own versions and variations of each progression.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Beautiful Sounding Chord Progressions

Below are 3 simple but beautiful sounding chord progressions for your guitar playing. Be sure to check out the video above for a detailed breakdown of each progression.

• Chord Progression 1

This first progression is a simple vamp from an E to A chord.

There are 3 versions of this vamp using add9 and major 7 chords along with some beautiful sounding harmonics:



Beautiful Chord Progression Guitar 1-1



Beautiful Chord Progression Guitar 1-2



Beautiful Chord Progression Guitar 1-3


• Chord Progression 2

The second progression is a simple I ii iii IV progression in the key of E Major using open strings, a pedalled bass, and some add9 chords:


Beautiful Chord Progression Guitar 1-3

Beautiful Chord Progression Guitar 2-1


• Chord Progression 3

The third progression is a simple one in the key of A minor.

Again, open strings and add9 chords feature throughout:


Beautiful Chord Progression Guitar 3


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