How To Create Beautiful Music Using Quartal Harmony On Guitar

How To Create Beautiful Music Using Quartal Harmony On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Quartal Harmony Basics Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn the basics of quartal harmony and the gems that await you when harmonising chords on guitar this way.

Quartal harmony (stacking chords in 4ths) is a way of building chords that sound very different to their counterpart tertian harmony (stacking chords in 3rds) which is the typical way we harmonise on a guitar.


Chords stacked in 4ths produce almost any mood or emotion you desire, can be used in any style or genre of music, and are super simple to play!

In this lesson, I sit down with Music Theory Specialist Tommaso Zillio to discuss and demonstrate the basics of quartal harmony for your guitar playing including how to:

• Easily build quartal chords on the guitar

• Quickly memorise the simple shapes quartal harmony throws up (there are only a few to memorise for a whole lot of sound)

• Create beautiful ambient music in a variety of styles using quartal harmony

You will be up and running with quartal harmony in your guitar playing immediately!

Watch the video below to learn more:


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