How To Play Lagrima By Francisco Tarrega On Guitar

How To Play The Classical Fingerstyle Piece Lagrima On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Lagrima Song Tutorial Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn how to play a beautiful classical guitar piece called Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega.

Learning fingerpicking pieces like Lagrima is not only fun to do, but is a great way to improve your fingerpicking skills at the same time.

In this lesson, I break Lagrima down for you into small manageable portions that are easy to digest.


Lagrima is comprised of two main sections.

The first is in E Major while the second modulates to E minor for a darker sound.

In this song tutorial, you learn the most efficient ways to fingerpick Lagrima for ease of playing and fluency of sound.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Fingerstyle Piece: Lagrima

The following is a full transcription of Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega for guitar.

Be sure to take your time and observe the video above carefully to see how best to approach playing this beautifully classical guitar piece:

Learning Songs Lagrima Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

Learning Songs Lagrima Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial


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