How To Sound Great Playing An Acoustic Guitar

How To Sound Great Playing An Acoustic Guitar

by Simon Candy


Sound Great On Acoustic Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn 3 ways to sound better at playing acoustic guitar.

While they share many similarities, the acoustic guitar is a different beast compared to the electric. As a result, there are certain techniques and approaches you want to target to effectively “acoustify” your playing. 

In this lesson, I sit down with guitar practice expert Mike Philippov to discuss and demonstrate 3 approaches for sounding better on the acoustic guitar.

Each of these approaches can be applied to the electric guitar, however, targeting these specifically when playing acoustic will make your playing sound so much better.

You learn:

1. Extensions/Embellishments

Extensions and embellishments can make an otherwise “normal” chord progression sound much better and much more sophisticated.

You learn super simple ways to extend and embellish chords.

2. Open Strings

Outside of the open position, where they are usually used, open strings can make your acoustic playing sound amazing, making up for the lack of sustain an acoustic has compared to an electric guitar.

You learn 2 very easy ways to use open strings for a great acoustic sound.

3. The Capo

The capo is a great device for more creative guitar playing, especially on the acoustic guitar.

You learn several different contexts where using a capo will really make a difference to what you are playing.

Watch the video below to learn more:



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