How To Apply Skills And Get Good At Guitar Fast

The Number 1 Thing You Need To Do To Become Good At Guitar FAST!

by Simon Candy


How To Get Good At Guitar Fast Article PicIn this video, you learn the number one thing you need to do to become a more creative guitar player. Focusing on this one aspect will ensure you get good at guitar fast.

What is this aspect I speak of?


I know, it doesn’t sound sexy, but if you can’t apply the things you learn on guitar, then you haven’t really learned anything at all.

It is so important and really the whole point IMO.

Application leads to creativity and a true understanding of your instrument allowing you to play it like a pro as opposed to a monkey see monkey do approach that so many people get stuck in.

In this lesson, I sit down with Guitar Playing Breakthrough Specialist Tom Hess to discuss and demonstrate great ways to easily apply the skills you learn on guitar.

Amongst other things, you learn my inside/outside application concept which is a method for easily applying concepts from the songs you learn as well as to the songs you learn.

Watch the video below to learn more:


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