How To Play Riffs Between The Chords Of A Progression On Guitar

How To Play Riffs Between The Chords Of A Progression For A Great Sound!

by Simon Candy


Rhythm Fills Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn how to play riffs in between the chord changes of a progression. Rhythm fills, or chord fills, as they are known, sound great when integrated into your playing bringing a very cool groove to your sound.

In this lesson, you learn 3 common major chord fills you can apply to any progression you play on guitar.

Each fill will relate to the major pentatonic scale as well as a common major triad shape.

This will help greatly in grounding the fills onto the fretboard for you, making them easy to find and play.

You also learn 3 examples of applying these chord fills to common progressions so you can take them and use them throughout your own playing.

Plus, I show you a very cool trick that instantly converts any of the major fills into minor fills giving you so much more mileage for each.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Rhythm Fills

Below are 3 rhythm fills you will be using to spice up your rhythm guitar playing.

Watch the video above for a detailed breakdown of each.

• Rhythm Fill 1

The first rhythm fill uses double stops for a nice texture, complete with grace note slides:


Rhythm Fill Guitar Riff 1


• Rhythm Fill 2

The second rhythm fill is similar to the first with double stops and grace note hammer ons:


Rhythm Fill Guitar Riff 2


• Rhythm Fill 3

The final rhythm fill uses single notes only, no double stops, but with a percussive hit on the 3rd string:


Rhythm Fill Guitar Riff 3


Rhythm Fill Application

Below are 3 examples of applying the rhythm fills from above to various chord progressions.

Watch the video above for a detailed breakdown of each.


• Example 1

The first example uses rhythm fills 1 and 2 across a chord vamp in E.

Rhythm fill 1 needs to be moved to the 5th position to fit the A chord:


Rhythm Fill Riff Application 1


• Example 2

The second example applies a number of the fills across a chord progression in E Major:


Rhythm Fill Riff Application 2


• Example 3

The final example uses the fills, this time across a minor chord progression.

Moving major fills up 3 frets converts them to minor fills, a neat little trick that’ll instantly double the amount of fills you know. Watch the video for a detailed explanation:


Rhythm Fill Riff Application 3


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