How To Learn Any Song On Guitar By Ear

How To Learn Any Song On Guitar By Ear

by Simon Candy


Work Songs Out By Ear Article Page PicIn this video, you learn how to work songs out by ear.

One of the greatest skills you will develop as a musician is the ability to use your ear to work out music.

In this lesson, I sit down with ear training specialist Dylan Andrews to discuss and demonstrate the skill of learning songs by ear and the many benefits this will bring to your guitar playing.

You learn an easy way to figure out chords and progressions on guitar and single note lines including riffs, licks, and melodies.

Working out songs using your ear is a learned skill.

Anybody can do it.

However, you have a choice.

You can go the trial and error approach which can work but takes years, or you can learn effective strategies that work every time making the art of learning music using your ear much easier (and quicker).

Watch the video below as both Dylan and I explore various strategies for working out songs by ear:



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