How To Listen To Music Like A Musician - Active Listening

How To Listen To Music Like A Musician - Active Listening

by Simon Candy


Ear Training Guitar Active Listening Article PicIn this video, you learn how to listen to music as a musician.

When listening to music most people hear the sum of all the parts of a song. As a musician, you want to be able to isolate each instrument in the song effectively hearing the song in a completely different way each time.

In this lesson, I sit down with ear training specialist Dylan Andrews to discuss the skill of active listening and how important it is to develop as both a musician and a guitarist.

Active listening is the art of listening to a song and being able to decipher what is going on at a micro level including:

• The frequency of chord changes

• The length of various sections regarding beats and bars

• Recognition of repeating patterns of various kinds such as strumming, melodic phrases, and chord progressions

• Hearing each instrument in isolation

And a whole lot more!

Join both myself and Dylan as we explore the art of active listening and the many benefits this will bring to your guitar playing.

Watch the video below to learn more:


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