How To Fingerpick Guitar If You Are A Beginner

What To Do And What Not To Do When Learning To Fingerpick Guitar

by Simon Candy


Fingerpicking guitar technique for beginners article imageIn this video lesson, I sit down with Guitar Playing Breakthrough Specialist Tom Hess to discuss and demonstrate fingerpicking guitar for beginners.

Many people make the mistake of going with what feels easy to them in the moment when first fingerpicking.

This is a recipe for disaster and almost always results in sloppy technique.


In this lesson, work through a number of tips for fingerpicking guitar including:

• The easiest way to develop a great fingerpicking technique (this is fool-proof and super easy)
• The common mistakes most people make when first beginning to fingerpick guitar
• The best way to practice fingerpicking guitar for maximum gains

Join Tom Hess and me to learn the best ways to get started fingerpicking guitar if you are a beginner to this style of playing.

Watch the video below to learn more:



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