Learn 3 Ways To Use Block Chords On Guitar

Learn 3 Ways To Use Block Chords On Guitar To Create Great Sounding Music

by Simon Candy


Block Chords Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn 3 ways to incorporate block chords into your guitar playing. By doing so, you will be able to play chords in various positions across the fretboard.

These chords are highly beneficial when playing solo as well as with others and help break you out of the world of open and bar chords. In fact, they are a great next step as far as chords are concerned on the guitar.


In this lesson, you learn the following 3 ways for utilizing block chords in your playing:

1. Comping

You learn how to comp over a 12 bar blues using block chords. Comping is a shortened term for complimenting, and it accurately describes the role of the accompanist in such a scenario.

2. Neighbouring Chords

You learn the technique of approaching block chords from a fret above or below, known as neighbour chords. This gives you a very smooth and sophisticated sound.

3. Travis Picking

You learn how to use block chords with travis picking for a great sound. In this case, you won’t need anyone else to play with you. You are going to sound full and complete on your own

Watch the video below to learn more:



Block Chord Application

Below are 3 ways you can use block chords in your guitar playing.

Be sure to watch the video above for a detailed breakdown of each.


Example 1: Comping

The first application of block chords involves comping across a 12 bar blues in G.

Notice the harmonic movement across the static chords of the progression produced by moving across several block chord shapes:


Block Chord Application Guitar 1-1

Block Chord Application Guitar 1-2


Example 2: Neighbour Chords

This second application is similar to the first, however, this time each block chord is approached from either a fret below or above for a cool and sophisticated sound:


Block Chord Application Guitar 2-1

Block Chord Application Guitar 2-2


Example 3: Travis Picking

This final application has you applying a Travis Picking pattern to the block chords across a 12 bar blues in E.

Notice the use of the low open E and A strings throughout to maintain the low end of the sound regardless of where you are on the fretboard:


Block Chord Application Guitar 3-1

Block Chord Application Guitar 3-2


Learn how to play block chords all over the guitar fretboard