How To Create Music With One Guitar Chord

Guitar Chord Creativity Part 1 - How To Be Creative With A Single Chord On Guitar

By Simon Candy


Guitar Chord Creativity Tutorial Article ImageIn this lesson, the first of a two part series, I am going to show you how to create amazing music with just one chord on your guitar. Forget open and bar chords, this method of creating music on your guitar is as incredible as it is simple, allowing you to play chords all over the fretboard.

Of course, open and bar chords are useful for your guitar playing, however they are also extremely limiting and only ever reveal the tip of the iceberg when it comes to harmony on the guitar.

Today, I am going to run you through a simple process that allows you to create incredible, sophisticated, and unique sounding music on your instrument with just a single chord.

I will even show you how to simplify these chord shapes to make what was already easy, even easier to play. You will sound more like a pianist when playing these chords on your guitar, sounding whole and full on your instrument, not needing anyone else to play along with you.

The end result allows you to play all over the fretboard of your guitar, creating amazing sounding music with just a single chord, setting up the foundation to then create rich, sophisticated, and unique sounding chord progressions.

Check out Part 1 of this video series on guitar chord creativity below:



Guitar Chord Creativity Content

Step 1: A Triad Shapes

Guitar Chord Creativity A Shapes


Guitar Chord Creativity A Shapes

Step 2: Adding Open Strings


Guitar Chord Creativity A Shapes High Drone


Guitar Chord Creativity A High Drone


Step 3: Creating A Bigger Sound


Guitar Chord Creativity A Shape Low Drone


Guitar Chord Creativity A Shapes Low Drone



Step 4: Strumming


Guitar Chord Creativity A Shapes Strumming


Step 5: Picking


Guitar Chord Creativity A Shapes Picking



Learn how to spice up your chord progressions on guitar