How To Play Suspended Chords On Guitar

I Bet You Know The Sound Of This Guitar Chord - Suspended Chords 

by Simon Candy


Suspended Chords GuitarIn this video, you learn what suspended chords are and how to use them in your guitar playing.

I present to you a typical chord progression and show you how to dress it up using suspended chords.

We will look at the suspended 2 and suspended 4 chords.

To play these chords you only have to add or take away a finger from a shape that will already be familiar to you.


Suspended chords create movement within a chord progression without there actually being a chord change. It’s all about creating tension with the suspension and then releasing that tension by resolving back into the chord you are suspending.

In this lesson, I show you suspended chords in both a strumming context as well as picking the notes of the chords separately for a really cool sound.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Chord Progression:

The following is the progression we will use for applying suspended chords:

Suspended Chords Guitar Progression 

Suspended Chord Progression 1: Strumming

This example uses suspended chords in a strumming context:


Suspended Chords Guitar Progression


Suspended Chord Progression 2: Chord Picking

This example uses suspended picking out the notes of each chord separately:


Suspended Chords Guitar Progression 2  

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