How To Transcribe Vocal Melodies On Guitar

How To Transcribe Vocal Melodies On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Ear Training Transcribe Vocal Melodies Article PicIn this video, you learn how to transcribe vocal melodies on guitar.

Transcribing vocal melodies is a great exercise for developing your ear for music.

Learning the sound of the intervals that make up one melody will help you recognise the same intervals in other melodies, making the intervals more familiar.


In this lesson, I sit down with Ear Training Specialist Dylan Andrews to discuss and demonstrate the best ways to develop your ear to transcribe melodies onto the guitar.

You learn:

• Why it is so important to learn how to transcribe melodies onto guitar and the benefits that come with it

• Why vocal melodies in particular are great for this

• The best ear training drills and exercises for transcribing melodies and the one approach many do that you should avoid at all costs!

Watch the video below to learn more:



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