Guitar Chord Creativity Part 2 - How To Spice Up The Chord Progressions You Play On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Creative Guitar Chord Progression TutorialIn this lesson, the second instalment on chord creativity, I am going to show you a simple way to spice up the chord progressions you play on guitar. We will only use 2 chords throughout this entire lesson, however the possibilities regarding the chord progressions you create on your guitar will be almost endless.

This approach is also an easy way to sound full and complete when playing your chord progressions, creating multiple parts at the one time on one guitar. You will have a bass part to your chord progression, the chord itself (harmony) as well as a melodic component.

We will begin with major triad shapes and go through the same process I took you through in part 1 of this series on guitar chord creativity

I will then show you the best ways of linking and connecting these chord shapes together all over the fretboard.

The final step is the best part, adding notes to your chords to open up an incredible palette of sound regarding harmony on the guitar.

This video tutorial will have you thinking and sounding more like a pianist than a guitarist when playing chords on your instrument.

Check out the video below to learn how:



Guitar Chord Creativity Content

Step 1: E Triad Shapes


Guitar Chord Progression Tutorial E Shapes


Guitar Chord Progression Tutorial E Shapes Tab


Step 2: Adding Open Strings


Guitar Chord Progression Tutorial E Shapes High Drone


Guitar Chord Progression Tutorial E Shapes High Drone Tab


Step 3: Creating A Bigger Sound 


Guitar Chord Progression Tutorial E Shapes Low Drone


Guitar Chord Progression Tutorial E Shapes Low Drone Tab


Step 4: Chord Vamps

By Shape:






























 By Position:






























Step 5: Adding Notes/Extending Chords 

Postion 1:




Position 2:




Position 3:




Position 4:




Step 6: Chord Etudes 

Chord Vamp 1:




Chord Vamp 2:


Creative Guitar Chord Vamp 2


Chord Vamp 3:


Creative Guitar Chord Vamp 3



Learn how to create and play spicy chord progressions on guitar