How To Combine Pentatonic Scales With Triads On Guitar

How To Combine Pentatonic Scales With Triads To Create Great Sounding Guitar Solos

by Simon Candy


Mixing Pentatonic Scales With Triads Article PicIn this video, I answer your questions on all things acoustic guitar including how to play better guitar solos by combining pentatonic scales with triad shapes.

Pentatonic scales are at the foundation of a lot of guitar soloing. Triads are a great tool for playing more melodic guitar solos. So mixing these two concepts makes sense and results in a great method for creating solos on guitar in any style of music.

In this lesson, you learn a super simple way to train the skill of connecting pentatonic scales with triad shapes so you can craft some super tasty guitar solos.

Questions answered in this video are:

1. How to combine pentatonic scales with triads to create solos
2. The desired amount of time to spend on anything when practising guitar
3. How to build a repertoire of songs you can play at the drop of a hat
4. The specs of my guitar, the string brand and gauge, and the kind of pick I like to use

Watch the video below to learn more:


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