How To Solo Using The Major Pentatonic Scale On Guitar

How To Solo Using The Major Pentatonic Scale On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Major Pentatonic Guitar Soloing Q&AThe major pentatonic is a great scale for soloing on acoustic guitar. However, most people seem to be more familiar with its counterpart the minor pentatonic.

Truth, be known, both the major and minor pentatonic are effectively one and the same. At least the patterns you use to access them are.

It is to do with how you apply the pentatonic shapes as to whether you are playing in a major or minor key.

In this video, I answer your questions on all things acoustic guitar including ways to use the major pentatonic scale to solo.

There are several approaches I use that give you different sounds and are super simple to do.

Questions addressed in this video are:

1. How do you use the major pentatonic scale

2. How to place the index finger for clear sounding bar chords

3. How to create a chord progression in A Aeolian mode

4. Do modes change regularly throughout a single piece of music

5. Should you always alternate your pick when plucking notes separately out of a chord

6. And most importantly, does every Aussie play a Maton guitar :)

Watch the video below for all the answers:


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