Learn 3 Beautiful And Emotional Chord Progressions For Guitar

Learn 3 Beautiful And Emotional Sounding Chord Progressions For Guitar

by Simon Candy


Beautiful Chord Progressions Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn 3 beautiful and emotional sounding chord progressions everyone should know. Although the chord shapes you learn here are non-standard and unique, they are not more difficult to play. In fact, some are easier than standard chord shapes.

In this lesson, I break down 3 chord progressions that use a variety of minor 7th and minor 9th chords, as well as the stunningly beautiful #11 chord.

The third progression will show you how to make any chord progression sound like “Blackbird” by The Beatles using 10th harmony.

First, you learn the chord shapes that will be used in each progression and then you learn three beautiful ways to compose music with each of these shapes. I will break down each progression in detail so you can follow exactly what I am doing, and to also understand what is going on so you can create your own versions and variations of each progression.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Beautiful Sounding Chord Progressions

Below are the 3 beautiful sounding chord progressions.

Be sure to check out the video above for a detailed breakdown of each progression.

• Chord Progression 1

This first progression is in the key of C# minor. It uses some very simple but advanced sounding chord shapes.

Notice how the top 3 strings of each chord are the same throughout the progression.


Beautiful Chord Progressions Guitar 1


• Chord Progression 2

The second progression features the G#11 chord resolving to a Dsus2 chord. Notice how the G#11 resolves into the G6 chord throughout the first 4 bars:


Beautiful Chord Progressions Guitar 2


• Chord Progression 3

The third and final progression uses 10th harmony and the drone of open strings. This is the concept at play throughout "Blackbird" by The Beatles:


Beautiful Chord Progressions Guitar 3


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