How To Play The Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Technique On Guitar

The Secret To Playing The Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Technique

by Simon Candy


Fingerstyle Tremolo Technique Article ImageIn this video, your are going to learn the fingerstyle tremolo picking technique, which is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated sounds you can get fingerpicking your guitar.

This particular technique is notorious for being difficulty to play, however in this lesson I will show you a secret to getting the fingerstyle tremolo pattern down on your guitar.

Now, this technique does take practice and won’t happen instantly for you, however there are some key things you must focus on when developing fingerstyle tremolo picking that will make it so much easier for you to do, and in this video I show you exactly how to train it.

The fingerstyle tremolo technique can convert an everyday, common chord progression into a very beautiful and sophisticated sounding piece of music. Its origins lie in classical and flamenco fingerpicking music, but make no mistake, the fingerstyle picking tremolo technique can be applied to many varied genres of music.

At the end of the video, I also show you a surefire strategy for improving the efficiency of your fingerpicking hand movements.

The more relaxed you are, the more efficient your fingers will move.

The more efficient your fingers move, the easier, faster and more fluent your fingerpicking becomes for techniques like fingerstyle tremolo picking,

Make sure you watch the video until the end to discover how to train machine like efficiency into your fingerpicking guitar playing.

You can check it all out below:



The Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Technique Examples

Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Open String Pattern

Practice the follwoing fingertyle tremolo pattern, and be sure to take turns accenting each finger as demonstrated in the video above:


Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Technique Open Strings


Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Chord Vamp

Here is a simple two chord vamp using the E open chord shape and the tremolo picking technique:


Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Technique Chord Vamp

Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Technique Chord Vamp 2


Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Chord Progression

Here is the tremolo picking pattern applied to a common spanish/flamenco flavoured chord progression:


Fingerstyle Tremolo Picking Technique Chord Progression 


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