How To Play Easy Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

How To Play A Simple Fingerstyle Blues Arrangement On Acoustic Guitar

by Simon Candy


Easy Fingerstyle Blues Article PicIn this video, you learn a simple, easy to play blues fingerstyle piece for acoustic guitar. Blues, fingerstyle, and acoustic guitar are a great combination. There is nothing quite like hearing someone fingerpick a blues on their own, without needing any backing, sounding full and complete.

In this lesson, I take you through the easiest way to play a solo blues fingerstyle arrangement on acoustic guitar.

First, you learn the standard 12 bar blues chord progression. Then, I show you a super simple way to create a solo fingerstyle arrangement using this common blues form, open strings, and the pentatonic scale.

You’ll barely play a single chord, yet what you play will sound full and complete in and of itself, without needing anything or anyone else to play along with.

In addition, you learn the concepts behind this blues arrangement, allowing you to create your own variations so you can fingerpick chorus after chorus of the blues on your guitar.

Watch the video below to learn more:


Fingerstyle Blues Arrangement

Below is the fingerstyle blues arrangement that is covered in the video. Be sure to watch the video for a detailed breakdown, including key strategies for getting this piece down:


Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Arrangement 1

Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Arrangement 2


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