Acoustic Fingerpicking Blues - Blues Guitar Fingerpicking

Give Me 5 Minutes And I'll Show You How To Create Your Very Own Acoustic Fingerpicking Blues Song

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Do you love the sound of acoustic fingerpicking blues guitar?

Are you wanting to avoid long, boring and drawn out exercises that do nothing for your own creativity when learning to fingerpick your acoustic guitar?

Want the "know how" of going about building your own blues song on your acoustic guitar?

Great! Then lets take your fingerpicking skills to a whole new level NOW by not only playing, but building your very own fingerpicking blues song on your acoustic guitar.


In this FREE ebook and audio on Building Your Own Acoustic Fingerpicking Blues, you will:


  • Massively improve your fingerpicking skills in a fun, engaging, and creative way
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the most common of all blues, the12 bar blues, and how to put it together for a killer sounding acoustic guitar song
  • Learn the 4 key areas that make up a 12 bar blues, and how breaking it down like this makes it easier to build, learn, and remember
  • Have multiple, cool sounding options to choose from when building your own fingerpicking blues song on your acoustic guitar
  • Have the "know how" in creating variation upon variation of a 12 bar fingerpicked blues. I'll give you an "inch" and then show you how to take a "mile" with everything you learn
  • Have easy to follow tabbed out examples with audio so you know exactly how everything should sound
  • Blow your friends away, and anyone who hears you play, with your new found fingerpicking skills!

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