How To Play Gorgeous Sounding Chord Progressions On Guitar

How To Play Gorgeous Sounding Chord Progressions On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Gorgeous Guitar Chords Article PicIn this video, you learn gorgeous sounding guitar chords that are simple to play. There are endless ways you can play chords on guitar for an enormous range of sounds, so it is a shame if all you ever really do is play stock standard open and bar chords.

In this lesson, I sit down with Guitar Playing Breakthrough Specialist Tom Hess to demonstrate incredible beautiful sounding chords you can adopt in your own guitar playing.

We look at the 10th harmony and how you can create beautiful progressions using this shape. It’s so simple to do and sounds amazing.

You also learn the G#11 and G Maj7 chords and how to use these in progressions.

Don’t be fooled by the names of some of these chords, they may sound complicated but using them is anything but.

Watch the video below to learn more:


The Chords

Here are the diagrams of the chords for your reference.

For a detailed breakdown and demonstration of these chords be sure to watch the video above:


• Chord Progression 1


Gorgeous Chord Progression 1-1 







Gorgeous Chord Progression 1-2









• Chord Progression 2



Gorgeous Chord Progression 2-1












Gorgeous Chord Progression 2-2









• Chord Progression 3


Gorgeous Chord Progression 3 









Learn how to play chords all over the neck of the guitar