How To Play And Create Chord Progressions Using The Lydian Mode

How To Play And Create Music Using The Lydian Mode

by Simon Candy


Lydian Chord Progression Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn how to write chord progressions on guitar in the Lydian mode.

The Lydian mode is an incredibly beautiful sounding mode full of awe and wonder and a favourite of film composers for that reason

It is perhaps the brightest sounding of the modes, even brighter than the major scale.


In this lesson, I will break down the lydian mode so you can easily understand it.

You will then learn how to write chord progressions using the lydian mode targeting the all important characteristic note that makes the lydian sound what it is.

You then learn some examples of actual songs that use the lydian mode including:

• Oceans - Pearl Jam
• Man On The Moon - Rem
• Yoda’s Theme (Star Wars)

Watch the video below to learn more:


Lydian Chord Progressions

The following are some examples of chord progressions written in the Lydian mode. For detailed explanations and breakdowns of each example watch the video above:


• Progression 1:

The first example is a two chord vamp using the I and the II chord, F and G respectively:


Lydian Chord Progression Guitar 1


• Progression 2:

This second example is a I V vii II chord progression in the F Lydian mode.

Notice how the characteristic note, B, has been added to the F chord to give it that lydian flavour:


Lydian Chord Progression Guitar 2


Lydian Song Examples

The following are just some examples of the many songs written in the Lydian mode. For detailed explanations and breakdowns of each song example watch the video above.


Yoda’s Theme: John Williams (Star Wars)

The first example of a piece of music in the Lydian mode is “Yoda’s Theme” from Star Wars.

It is in C Lydian.

This excerpt is largely built around the I and II chord, C and D:


Lydian Chord Progression Guitar 3


Man On The Moon: REM

Another song, also in C Lydian is “Man On The Moon” by REM.

Again, we have the I and II chords, C and D featuring:


Lydian Chord Progression Guitar 4


Oceans: Pearl Jam

Yet another song in the Lydian mode is “Oceans” by Pearl Jam.

This song switches between C and D lydian throughout.

Watch the video for a detailed breakdown:


Lydian Chord Progression Guitar 5


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