How To Get The Perfect Fingerstyle Picking Hand Position

How To Get The Perfect Fingerstyle Picking Hand Position, Guaranteed!

by Simon Candy


Fingerstyle Picking Hand Position Article Pic In this video, you learn how to achieve the perfect picking hand position for fingerstyle guitar within 10 seconds.

Having the right picking hand position is crucial in making fingerpicking easier.

On the other hand (no pun intended), if your fingerpicking hand is in the wrong position, you will find it extremely difficult to fingerpick anything.


You are about to learn a simple and quick process that takes 10 seconds or less to ensure that your hand is properly positioned for fingerpicking guitar. This technique is 100% foolproof and is super easy to do, even if you’ve never played guitar before!

Having the correct position of your fingerpicking hand will bring many benefits, such as:

• Reducing the tension in your hand while playing and making your fingerpicking sound more fluid

• Making fingerpicking less strenuous, allowing you to play with ease

• Achieving a much better tone to your fingerpicking, as your fingers will be at the correct angle to the strings when your hand is in the right position

Plus, you learn how to maintain your fingerpicking hand in the correct position as you go about playing.

Watch the video below to learn more:


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