How To Play Walking Bass Lines On Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

by Simon Candy


Walking Bass Lines GuitarIn this video lesson, I am going to show you the easiest and quickest way to create a walking bass line on guitar.

Walking bass lines are the epitome of cool and sound great on guitar because in addition to the bass itself, you can also add the chords of the progression.

Another reason the guitar is so much better than the bass :)

Walking bass lines are often associated with Jazz, however there are many examples of walking bass lines in contemporary music too.

Here are some examples:

• Eight Days A Week - The Beatles

• Moondance - Van Morrisson

• Swing On This - Alice In Chains

So whether you want to add a touch of jazz to your guitar playing, or use them in a more contemporary way, walking bass lines are a great additon to your playing adding more scope from which to work with when creating on your guitar.

What you are about to see is an excerpt from a Masterclass I taught to some of my online students.

Watch carefully as I walk you through (no pun intended) a very simple 5 step process for creating walking bass lines on guitar.

The result is a sophisticated, smooth sounding chord progression that sounds like a whole rhythm section on one guitar.

Check out the video below to learn how:



Walking Bass Guitar 5 Step Blueprint

The following is a breakdown of the 5 step blueprint for creating bass lines on guitar I cover in the video lesson above.

Step 1: Choose a chord progression


Walking Bass Line Guitar Step 1

Step 2:
Extract the root notes from each chords


Walking Bass Line Guitar Step 2


Step 3: Add chromatic notes a half step above or below the root of each chord 


Walking Bass Line Guitar Step 3


Step 4: Add chords to your walking bass line


Walking Bass Line Guitar Step 4


Step 5: Syncopate the chords of the progression


Walking Bass Line Guitar Step 5


Check out this free ebook/audio where I will show you 3 strategies for creating walking bass lines on guitar