How To Sing Scales On Guitar And Become A More Melodic Player

How To Bridge The Gap Between Playing A Scale And Creating Music With It

by Simon Candy


Ear Training Guitar Sing Scales Article PicIn this video, you learn how to sing scales on guitar to develop a much better ear for playing music.

If you want to be able to transcribe melodies, chord progressions, and solos on guitar by ear, then you need to be able to sing scales.

This is where the majority of music you hear comes from and where it all begins.


In this lesson, I sit down with Ear Training Specialist Dylan Andrews to discuss and demonstrate the best ways to learn how to sing scales.

If you can’t sing don’t worry, neither can I.

We are talking about functional singing here.

All you need to do is pitch the note, not bring any kind of quality to it as a singer would.

In this lesson you learn:

• Why it is so important to learn to sing scales and how this will benefit your guitar playing

• The best ear training drills and exercises for singing scales on guitar

• How to vary these drills and exercises to develop an even better ear for playing music

Watch the video below to learn more:


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