How And When To Use A Guitar Thumb Pick

Thumb Pick Verses Thumb - Which Is Better For Fingerpicking Guitar?

by Simon Candy


Thumb Pick Guitar Article ImageIn this video, I show you how to use a thumb pick on guitar, the point of using one, and how the thumb pick compares to using the flesh of your thumb.

The thumb pick is great for fingerpicking guitar, however only in certain contexts.

Ultimately it is up to you, however there are circumstances where using a thumb pick is much preferred and others where it is not.

In this lesson, I show you:

1. Thumb Pick Basics:

- What is a thumb pick
- The best kind of thumb picks to use
- Where to place the thumb pick on your thumb for the best sound and ease of use

2. Thumb Pick Verses Bare Thumb - How Do They Compare:

- The sound of the thumb pick compared to the bare thumb
- Why choose one over the other
- Which styles of playing are conducive to using a thumb pick and which are not

3. Which Approach Is Best For You:

- How to know whether to use a thumb pick or your bare thumb
- The best ways to get use to using a thumb pick

Watch the video below to learn how, when, and why to use a thumb pick when fingerpicking guitar:



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