Learn 3 Spicy Chord Progressions For Guitar

Learn 3 Simple Yet Spicy Sounding Chord Progressions For Guitar

by Simon Candy


Spicy Chord Progressions Article PicIn this video, you learn three easy yet spicy, sophisticated chord progressions that sound amazing. Despite the advanced names of the chords used, they are as easy to play as standard chord progressions.

In this lesson, I break down 3 progressions that use a variety of chords including the augmented and minor/major 7th chords, add 9 chords, and major 7th chords amongst others.

The third progression is reminiscent of a song EVERYBODY knows, but I wonder if you’ll pick it. It’s not so obvious until I point it out to you.

But first, you learn the shapes that will be used throughout each progression as a whole in isolation.

Then you learn 3 beautiful sounding progressions that are made up of these chord shapes.

I break down each progression in detail so you can follow exactly what I am doing, and also understand what is going on so you can create your own versions and variations of each progression.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Spicy Chord Progressions

Below are the 3 spicy sounding chord progressions for your guitar playing.

Be sure to check out the video above for a detailed breakdown of each progression.


• Chord Progression 1

This first progression is in the key of D major and centres around the D augmented chord.

Notice the chromatic line that ascends the 3rd string throughout the progression:


Spicy Chord Progression 1


• Chord Progression 2

The second progression is in A major and like the first progression has an ascending chromatic line, this time on the 4th string:


Spicy Chord Progression 2


• Chord Progression 3

The third and final progression is in the key if D minor and centres around the D minor/major chord.

Again there is a chromatic line, this time descending the 2nd string throughout the progression:


Spicy Chord Progression 3

* can you guess which very famous song uses this kind of progression? (answer in the video)


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