Learn The Best Way To Warm Up On Guitar

Learn The Best Way To Warm Up On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Warm Up Guitar Article PicIn this video, you will learn the best way to warm up on guitar which will also give you more time to practice.

Warming your fingers up to play guitar is important to do, however, a lot of the typical warm up exercises out there fall short. Yes, they will warm your fingers up, but there is so much more we can get from a warm up session in addition to this if we go about it the right way.

In this lesson, I present to you the 3 criteria any warm up session must have so that you not only get your fingers ready to play the guitar but also improve and develop your playing at the same time.

I first take you through some typical warm up exercises and explain why they are limiting for the time you invest in them, and what you can do instead. Then I show you 3 examples of a warm up routine following the 3 criteria that will have your fingers warming up and your guitar playing improving at the same time, giving you more bang for your buck when practicing guitar.

Watch the video below to learn more:


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