3 Awesome Percussive Riffs For Your Guitar Playing - The String Slap Technique

by Simon Candy


Percussive Guitar Slap Technique PicIn this video, you learn all about the percussive slap technique on guitar.

The slap technique is synonymous with percussive guitar playing and sounds great, bringing a very cool groove to your sound.

You can slap the strings of the guitar for a rhythmic percussive sound, however, you can also get more of a melodic sound with this technique.

You achieve this by slapping actual notes instead of picking them with a pick or plucking them with your fingers.

In this lesson, you learn the basics of the percussive slap technique plus several very cool riffs that incorporate this groovy sound.

I’ll break each riff down for you and show you how to get them into your playing.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Percussive Slap Guitar: Riff 1

This first percussive slap guitar riff uses a combination of percussive techniques for a cool groove:


Percussive Slap Guitar Riff 1


Percussive Slap Guitar: Riff 2

The second percussive slap guitar riff utilises the legato technique while slapping the strings with your thumb:


Percussive Slap Guitar Riff 2


Percussive Slap Guitar: Riff 3

The third and final percussive slap guitar riff is similar to the previous one, however, you are slapping the 5th string and have some natural harmonics sounding at the 12th fret on strings 2, 3, and 4:


Percussive Slap Guitar Riff 3


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