How To Play Double Stops On Guitar

How To Create Great Guitar Solos Using Double Stops 

By Simon Candy


Double Stops Guitar RiffsIn this video, you learn how to play double stops on guitar.

Simply put, a double stop is when you play 2 notes at the same time.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to play some of the most common double stops you will come across.

First, you learn some exercises that get you familiar with double stops. We will look at 6ths, 3rds, and double stops available in the pentatonic scale.

Next, you learn several riffs using a variety of these 3rd, 6th, and pentatonic double stops.

Double stops will bring great contrast to the single notes you play when soloing on guitar. They are used in all styles of music and will become a very useful asset to your guitar playing.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Double Stops: 3rds

The following are 3rds played on strings 1 and 2:


Double Stop Guitar 3rds


Double Stops: 6ths

The following are 6ths played on strings 1 and 3:


Double Stop Guitar 6ths


Double Stops: Pentatonic

The following are some common double stops found in pattern 1 pentatonic scale:


Double Stop Guitar Pentatonic


Double Stops: Riff 1

This double stop riff comes from pattern 4 pentatonic scale in Em:


Double Stop Guitar Riff 1


Double Stops: Riff 2

The second double stop riff uses pattern 2 pentatonic scale in Am and pedals the 10th fret/2nd string note on top:


Double Stop Guitar Riff 2


Double Stops: Riff 3

This riff uses 6th harmony descending down strings 1 and 3:


Double Stop Guitar Riff 3


Double Stops: Riff 4

Here is a double stop riff using the A major pentatonic scale pattern 2:


Double Stop Guitar Riff 4

Double Stops: Riff 5

The fifth double stop riff is descending the A blues scale pattern 1:


Double Stop Guitar Riff 5


Double Stops: Riff 6

Here is another 6th harmony double stop riff:


Double Stop Guitar Riff 6


Double Stops: Riff 7

The final double stop riff is similar to riff 2 but using pattern 5 Am pentatonic scale and pedalling the 5th fret/1st string note on top:


Double Stop Guitar Riff 7


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