How To Play Clean, Buzz Free Bar Chords On Guitar, Even If You Have Small Hands

How To Play Bar Chords Cleanly On Guitar, Even If You Have Small Hands

by Simon Candy


Bar Chords Guitar Article ImageIn this video lesson, you learn how to play bar chords on guitar.

Bar chords are notorious for being hard to play. They are a major hurdle for many people when first trying to learn them, however, they don’t have to be if you practice bar chords the correct way. If you’ve tried playing bar chords on guitar before, you know they can be difficult to sound cleanly without notes buzzing out all over the place.

I can still remember how difficult and frustrating I found bar chords when first trying to play them some 30 years ago!

In this video, you learn what I wish I had known about learning bar chords when I first started playing guitar. I’ll show you exactly what to focus on when practicing bar chords so they become easy to play in just a short amount of time, even if you have small hands.

You learn all the subtle but extremely important finger placements needed to sound bar chords cleanly.

You also learn how to dial up the optimum amount of tension to play bar chords. I’ll show you how you can easily check for this to see that you have it right.

Watch the video below to learn more:



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