How To Create Solos Using Chords On Your Acoustic Guitar

How To Quickly Improve Your Acoustic Guitar Solos By Using These 5 Cool And Easy Tricks


Let me ask you a question:

Do you only use chords on your acoustic guitar for rhythm playing?

If you answered yes to this question then you are missing out BIG time on what chords can do for your soloing on guitar.

Soloing with chords on your guitar is a great way to make your lead playing come to life.

Fact is, when you are soloing on your acoustic guitar your aim is to build tension and then release tension. This is what hooks the listener in and makes them want more when they hear you play.

Adding the element of chords to your solo’s will achieve this. You will blow people away and leave them wanting more when you rip it up on your guitar with killer chord solo playing!


After downloading and studying this FREE ebook on creating great solo’s using chords on your guitar you will:


  • Learn 5 cool and easy tricks to improve your guitar solo's through the use of chords
  • Pump life into your acoustic guitar solo’s, they will sound so much better with the addition of chord soloing
  • Learn that chords on your guitar are no longer simply something you strum, they are in fact a great soloing tool too!
  • Massively increase the amount of chords you know on your guitar for both your solo and rhythm playing
  • Learn how your everyday root 5 and 6 bar chords can actually become a great tool for soloing with on your guitar
  • Have a much better understanding of the fretboard as you will see that chord soloing on your guitar really opens this up to you in a big way!


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