Discover The Fundamentals Of Learning Acoustic Guitar

Discover The Art Of Playing Acoustic Guitar

by Simon Candy


Acoustic Guitar Fundamentals Article Page PicIn this video, you learn the fundamentals of playing acoustic guitar.

Despite their many similarities, there is a distinct difference between playing acoustic guitar compared to electric. Many people who come from a mostly electric guitar playing background can find it difficult to adjust to an acoustic guitar.


In this lesson, you learn the best way to approach this including:

• The Fundamentals/Mechanics Of Playing Acoustic Guitar:

There are very simple things to consider when first deciding to play acoustic guitar that many people are either unaware of or simply ignore.

You learn what these are and the differences they will bring to making playing acoustic guitar easier to do.

• Fingerpicking Hand Position:

Fingerpicking is very often associated with acoustic guitar and is a great style to play.

However, many people start off on the wrong foot with an incorrect fingerpicking hand position making it that much harder to do.

You learn an incredibly simple way that guarantees you’ll have your hand in the correct position every single time.

• Dynamics/Feel:

Dynamics and feel are everything when it comes to playing acoustic guitar.

You learn simple exercises that will develop and expand your dynamic range, providing you with the touch required to get that acoustic sound.

Watch the video below to learn the all important fundamentals of playing acoustic guitar:


Discover simple ways to make any fingerpicking pattern sound great