How To Learn Songs On Guitar - 3 Step Song Learning Method

Discover A Simple But Extremely Effective 3 Step Strategy For Learning Any Song On Guitar

by Simon Candy


Learn Songs Guitar Article PicIn this video, you learn the exact strategies I use when learning a song on guitar.

There are plenty of song tutorial videos on YouTube, but not many show you how to take a song and break it down effectively to best learn it.

In this lesson, I show you, in detail, my method for learning any song on guitar using a fingerstyle tune called Lagrima.


The song learning method consists of 3 levels:

• Level 1

At this level, you need to be “close up” to the song, working on the smallest of parts. It could be a chord change or a single transition from one position to another.

Whatever it is, we are talking a beat or so at a time.

• Level 2

Level 2 has you standing back a little from the song, working on sections. It could be connecting one section to another for example, or working on a section of a song as a whole.

Whatever it is, we are talking about one or more bars at a time.

 Level 3

The 3rd level has you standing right back from the song, playing through it as a whole, start to finish.

After all, this is the end goal, so you must practice exactly that.

In the video, I show you how you can do this step early on by simplifying the song.

This way you receive all the crucial benefits of playing through a song much sooner than waiting until you have all the parts of the song down first.

The above method is not linear.

You need to be regularly rotating through each of the 3 levels.

This is a VERY important part of the overall song learning strategy at play with this method.

Watch the video below to learn more:



Fingerstyle Piece: Lagrima

The following is a fingerstyle piece called “Lagrima” by Francisco Tarrega. I use this piece throughout the video to demonstrate and run you through my 3 step method for learning songs.

Note that this method can be applied to any song of any genre of music you would like to learn:


Learning Song Method Lagrima 1

Learning Song Method Lagrima 2


Learn my easy to follow 3 step strategy for learning any song on guitar