How To Play Danny Boy For Solo Guitar

How To Play Danny Boy For Solo Guitar

by Simon Candy


Danny Boy Solo Guitar Tutorial Article PicIn this video, you learn how to play Danny Boy on guitar.

I will take you through a simple arrangement of this classic traditional irish tune, highlighting the incredibly beautiful melody while also playing the chords at the same time.

The form of Danny Boy is A B, meaning there is an A section and a B section to complete the tune. Our arrangement will play through the form of Danny Boy once combining chords with melody. We will particularly focus on arpeggiating chords adding to the beautiful sound of the overall piece.

I will demonstrate each section of Danny Boy to you before breaking it down in great detail, showing you both how to play it and most importantly, how to practice it.

Watch the video below to learn more:


Danny Boy Solo Guitar Arrangement

Here is the complete arrangement of Danny Boy for solo guitar.

Watch the video above for a detailed breakdown and play through of this piece:


• A Section

Danny Boy Solo Guitar Arrangement 1

• B Section





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