How To Improvise Music Using Scales On Guitar

Do You Really Need Scales To Create Music?

by Simon Candy


How To Improvise Music On Guitar Using Scales Article PicIn this video, you learn how to create and improvise music using scales on guitar.

Many people don’t have any trouble learning a scale, it’s the creating music part of it that is the problem, although it needn’t be.

It’s simply that people get stuck in “playing the scale” mode as opposed to making music with it.


In this lesson, I sit down with Music Theory Specialist Tommaso Zillio to discuss and demonstrate the best ways to begin creating music using scales.

You also learn the most important thing when it comes to playing melodically on the guitar, and no, it’s not the notes you play.

To play a scale is NOT the goal, to create music IS!

In fact, knowing scales is NOT a pre-requisite for creating music, you can indeed create music without them.

However, there is one very important element you MUST have if you are to sound musical, this alone can make even “wrong” notes sound right.

Watch the video below to learn more:


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