How To Create Music Using Scales On Guitar

How To Stop Running Up And Down Scales And Start Creating Music

by Simon Candy


How To Make Scales Sound MusicalIn this video, you learn how to make the scales you play sound musical.

Many people learn scales and then stop there.

No wonder they have a reputation for being boring.

I’d be bored too if all I did was learn a scale to only then run up and down it all day long.

Not fun!

In this lesson, I sit down with Music Theory Specialist Tommaso Zillio to discuss and demonstrate the best ways to sound musical when using scales on guitar.

The scale itself is just the very beginning, the foundation.

It alone will do nothing for you musically speaking.

You must take the scale and create something with it.

In this demonstration, you learn how best to practice scales to learn the feeling and emotion of each note.

This is the key to creating music.

Any one note of the scale can have many different feelings.

It all comes down to the context in which you are hearing the note.

Plus, you learn the simplest way to play any scale on guitar, which happens to also be the best way to really understand the relationship of the notes in the scale.

Watch the video below to learn how to stop running up and down scales and start creating music:


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