How To Tap Your Foot In Time While Playing Guitar

How To Tap Your Foot In Time While Playing Guitar

by Simon Candy


Tapping Foot While Playing GuitarIn this video, you learn how to tap your foot in time while playing guitar.

Tapping your foot and playing guitar can be very challenging to do but is an essential skill if you are to play in time.

Despite what you may think, if you have trouble playing guitar and tapping your foot, it is not a timing problem as much as it is a coordination problem.


In this lesson, I’ll take you through 3 levels to get to the point of being able to tap your foot on the beat in time while playing anything on guitar.

Level 1:

First, you learn how to get your foot tapping to common divisions of the beat. We will keep it simple by not playing anything on the guitar at this point

Level 2:

Next, you learn how to incorporate a simple chord vamp with the tap of your foot

Level 3:

Finally, I show you how to play more advanced rhythms while keeping your foot tapping on the beat only. As well as tapping your foot while playing riffs and melodies.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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