Playing Guitar With A Capo - How To Use A Capo For Acoustic Guitar

Myth: Playing Your Guitar With A Capo Is Cheating
Fact: Using A Capo On Your Guitar Enhances Your Creativity


Acoustic Guitar Capo 3D ImageWant to reinvent the way you play your chord progressions and solo on the acoustic guitar?

Do you feel like you are in a rut with your guitar playing and need that something to get you out of it?

Looking to dramatically increase your creativity on the acoustic guitar?

I'm sure you have heard it before, playing guitar with a capo is cheating and a means to avoid having to play bar chords.

This is simple NOT true and is an ignorant view at best.

Rather it is a stylistic tool, and learning how to use a capo for your acoustic guitar will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your playing.

Fact is, even if you are aware that using a capo is of course not cheating, many guitar players don't realize the full potential of what a capo can do for their acoustic guitar playing. But that is about to change for you . . . .


After downloading and studying your free guide on how to use a capo for acoustic guitar you will:


  • Gain access to 5 creative ways to play your acoustic guitar with a capo including possibilities you may never have thought of, heard, or imagined before
  • Destroy any confusion you may have of where to put your capo on the guitar neck for any musical situation you find yourself in
  • Have an easy to follow capo conversion chart that you will be able to reference again and again to make sure you are capo'ing your guitar in the best possible positions. You'll never be confused again!
  • Have a new found sense of creativity. Everything old will be new again as you rediscover the music you love through the use of a capo on your guitar
  • Have clearly tabbed out examples for each capo approach covered, along with mp3's as well so you clearly understand everything presented. You will be able to take these ideas and easily apply them to your own acoustic guitar playing

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